Mud and Romance

When I left South Africa I planned a little shindig so as to have a final farewell with all my mates. I had designed this invite to look like a postcard and used an old etching of London Bridge to emphasise the fact that I was going to the muddy little rock we call London.
The name, "Mud and Romance in Londinium" came from my expectations of what I would find on my journey. I have found mud but romance remains ever elusive as the cold winter sets its icey grip on the city.

Old work...

This is some work from about 3-4 years ago that I stumble upon whilst doing a clean up on my Mac.

This was a design I did for a brand I wanted to start called "Sin Again"

I had recently acquired a Wacom Tablet and this was the first drawing I did with it

An unfinished drawing of a gremlin. I was trying to experiment with light and shadows

This is one of my favourite pieces. A Johannesburg registration plate that I made completely from scratch. All the rust and texture was done using alpha channels


While I was still living in South Africa I was working for a mobile communications company called iTouch/Buongiorno.
iTouch had many brands associated with it, one of which being 35050. Here are the sites i did for both 35050 and Buongiorno's regional site.

Spooksville Mash Up

Last year, Lau (my sister) and I decided to throw a Halloween party. We didn't go the traditional route with paper invites but instead opted for a Facebook event. This was the design I did for the event.

Lotsa Character

I have always enjoyed drawing little characters and conjuring personalities for them. Here I have 2 variations of a T-Shirt design I want to have printed for my sister as a Christmas present.
The Lucha Libre is another T-Shirt idea I have been toying with...

T-Shirt design for my sister

Lucha Libre

Some Older Work

This is a collection of older work I had on my Facebook profile. It's a whole random bunch of work:

I did this for my mate Mark as a birthday present

This was the invitation for my 22nd birthday

An invitation for my mate, Dev's, birthday

A flyer for a coffee shop I used to work for

An entry for a TV competition. This made it to the semi finals!

My sister and I moved into a new house in a Muslim area so threw a theme house warming

Another flyer for the coffee shop I worked at

I did this logo for a friend of mine who is a popular DJ

General Devlin Paton- A fight against cancer

The original logo design for my Facebook group

A mock poster for an evening in the park with the birds


With Summer approaching Rhythm is my Bitch (RIMB) formed an offshoot and was offered a weekly slot at a beach front club during the day. It was an awesome opportunity to showcase some fresh ideas...