The Man In Question

It all seems so stark at the moment... I mean the page is bare. Not much to look at here, but, I promise, as soon as I get the hang of this thing there will be.

As a designer I find it so important to have my work in the public eye but it is equally as important for any prospective employer to be able to judge my character.
"A blog?" they may ask, "what on earth is that?"
Simply put it is my mis/adventures, exploitations, experiences and stories all rolled up into a neat ball of pocket-fluff. My most recent designs, pictures from a weekend outing, a story about the biggest fish I ever caught that got away, more designs and all the trimmings of a great blog.

By trade I am a 3D animator but having taught myself Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Motion and the Final Cut Pro suite I figured a venture into the design world more suitable. I found that during my studies I was creatively "stumped" and produced very little work I could be proud of. I graduated and spent a few months managing a coffee shop where I was afforded time (during the quiet periods) to sit and draw. My illustrations became more exciting and skills osmosed out of nowhere. I would get home in the evenings and spend hours in front of my Mac, designing and making mock logos, stationary, anything I could think of. Unfortunately (and it seems to be a recurring nightmare) my Mac was stolen as was most of my work. I rekindled a lot of what was lost and started again.
This is where I will have it all: illustrations, designs, photos, stories and a few random bitties here and there.

I hope you enjoy what you see and if you do then email me and we can talk business. I am young, eager and dying to make my name as a designer.

Rhythm Is My Bitch and beyond

I have been working with a close friend of mine, Mark, on a project called Rhythm Is My Bitch. The name (most explanatory) was conceived by Mark and is an idea he has wanted to come to fruition for a while. The idea is to throw four parties a year, offer some top SA DJs at an affordable price, theme the parties and to throw them in a different location each time. I jumped on board as the designer and together Mark and myself have thrown three very successful parties and gathered quite a following in the process. This was to be the first of my public exploits...

Below are a few examples of the diversity of work I did for Rhythm Is My Bitch:

Tennis Party

Hoodies and Sunglasses Party

Nerd 2009 Party

Chav & Pikey Party